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How To Choose Sterling Silver Jewelry with High Quality?

Sep 19,2022 | ChicSilver Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry has quite a lot of benefits, it can ward off evil spirits, detoxify and keep healthy. However, there are many kinds of silver jewelry on the market. How to choose silver jewelry? Choose high-quality sterling silver jewelry and be optimistic about these 8 ways.


1. Check the logo

The national gold and silver jewelry logo management regulations: "Each piece of gold and silver jewelry should have a corresponding logo". The logo includes material, name and gold content, silver content and brand name, such as "S925", "S990", which means the silver content is 92.5% and 99% respectively; For gold and silver jewelry without logo, it is difficult to guarantee the authenticity.​​

S925 Guarantee Logo

2. Look at the color

We often say that sterling silver is seven green, eight black, nine five white, so the first trick to identify the authenticity of silver jewelry is of course to look at the color. The higher the purity of the silver, the whiter the color. The silver with a silver content of more than 95% can be as white and flawless as snow, and the surface of the jewelry looks evenly shiny and polished. If the lead-containing jewelry will appear blue-gray; If the copper-containing jewelry surface will appear rough, the color will not have a sense of moisturizing.​​


3. Observe the color luster

From the outside, the surface of the sterling silver jewelry is delicate and slightly yellowish silver-white, bright and has a soft metallic luster. It can be judged that the silver content is more than S925 standard silver; It will turn black for a long time, and the imitation products will not turn black.​​


4. Weigh the weight

The density of silver is slightly larger than that of common metals. Generally speaking, "aluminum is light, silver is heavy, and copper is neither light nor heavy". Therefore, by weighing the weight, you can make a preliminary judgment on whether it is silver. If the jewelry is large in size and light weight, then it is absolutely impossible to be silver!


5. Judging hardness

The hardness of silver is Mohs 2.5, so the purer the silver, the softer it will be, and you can also use a pin to mark the inconspicuous parts of the sterling silver jewelry.


6. Listen to the sound

Generally, the sound of standard silver jewelry is dull and does not bounce when it falls; If it is made of copper, the sound is high and sharp; the rhyme is urgent and short; if it is made of lead or tin, the sound is dull, short, and without elasticity.​​


7. Look at the craftsmanship

Regular brand products should be fine and beautiful. Such as the sterling silver jewelry surface is soft and bright, the shape is regular without defects, the inlay is smooth and does not scratch the clothes, does not stick to the hand, and is not loose; the jewelry pattern is fine and clear, the lines are smooth, and there is no blooming; the frosted surface is sandblasted evenly, bright and free of particles.​​

Chicsilver sterling silver jewelry


8. After-sales service

Real brand sterling silver jewelry products will have good after-sales service, which shows confidence in the quality of their products and sincere responsibility to customers.

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